About us

Thanks to almost 40 years of experience in used car parts, Autodemontagebedrijf De Ooyevaar BV has become the largest and most modern dismantling business in the province of North Holland. We offer high-quality and classified car parts at a decent price from our extensive stock of over 40,000 young used car parts. This is good for the environment, and your wallet too!

Quality and service are our number one priority. Our passionate team of 45 employees ensures that large numbers of used car parts leave our warehouse every day, on their way to private and business customers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Since 1984

In 1984, entrepreneur Lowie Hoedt Sr. laid the foundation of car dismantling company De Ooyevaar by taking over a car dismantling company in Oosterblok. Soon, this location proved too small and with the purchase of a large site (20,000 m2) on the Gildenweg industrial estate in Blokker, De Ooyevaar became the largest and most modern car dismantling company in North Holland.

Used car parts

Every year, more than 14,000 cars from all around the Netherlands find their way to their final destination in Blokker. These “donor cars” are made liquid-free in a specially equipped workshop, following which we disassemble and qualify the parts before storing them in our 2,000 m2 covered warehouse. Everything happens in accordance with the KZD*** guidelines. We keep approximately 2,000 donor cars in stock in our outside area.

Quality Care Disassembly (KZD***)

We complete the entire final process for (damaged) vehicles and their recycling.

De Ooyevaar is KZD***-certified in the dismantling industry. KZD stands for Quality Care Disassembly and *** indicates the highest recognition of STIBA standards (https://stiba.nl) for parts suppliers. Parts are extensively checked, tested and then photographed in our in-house photo studio before they are put up for sale.

In-house collection service

De Ooyevaar has an in-house collection service fleet of 8 lorries, allowing us to aim to collect purchased cars from our customers within 3 days. The drivers pay the agreed price and give customers a certificate of indemnity on the spot.


Over the years, De Ooyevaar has built up an extensive network of relations, spread all around the world. Parts that are not in high demand in the Netherlands are exported throughout Europe (and even beyond). Every year, we ship approximately 25 containers filled with engines, drive shafts, struts, and much more.

Did you know…

  • …that insurance companies, damage repair companies and dealers also buy their parts from us?
  • …that we recycle 98% of every car?


In addition to our dismantling services, you can also contact De Ooyevaar as a garage for small work. This includes changing tires, topping up air conditioning fluids, minor maintenance or part replacement. We aim to offer the shortest possible repair time and fast delivery. And in the unlikely event that things should take a little longer, we have 2 courtesy vehicles at your disposal. Our garage offers good, and above all, honest, advice. This is what we stand for.