Warranty Terms and Conditions

1.1     With the exception of electronic parts, used vehicle parts sold by De Ooyevaar and delivered to buyers are eligible for warranty. 

1.2     In addition to the STIBA warranty conditions, the BOVAG/STIBA conditions and/or the FOCWA Green Warranty Certificate may also apply to the used vehicle parts referred to in the previous article.

2.    Buyers can only derive rights from a warranty by submitting the relevant purchase agreement or invoice to De Ooyevaar and, where applicable, the relevant warranty document. If it concerns an item that De Ooyevaar has provided with a brand or registration number, buyers can only derive rights from a warranty if the relevant brand or registration number is undamaged when invoking this warranty.

3.    Buyer claims under a warranty are not transferable to third parties.

4.    The warranty is provided by De Ooyevaar for a period of one month from the date on which the item is delivered to the buyer. If, with normal use, the item shows defects within the warranty period, the buyer has the right to offer the item delivered to De Ooyevaar for repair or replacement, at De Ooyevaar's discretion, in accordance with Article 8 of the applicable General Terms and Conditions.

5.    Transport from and to De Ooyevaar of items offered for repair or replacement is for the account of De Ooyevaar. In the event of an incorrect order and/or if the item offered for repair or replacement does not qualify for warranty based on these warranty terms and conditions, transport of the item to and from De Ooyevaar will be for the buyer's expense.

6.    In the event that Article 4 of these Warranty Terms and Conditions and Article 8 of the General Terms and Conditions are met, De Ooyevaar undertakes to repair or replace the item offered for repair/replacement within a reasonable period of time by a comparable item, unless De Ooyevaar is unable to do so. In the latter case, De Ooyevaar will refund the purchase amount in cash.

7.    These Warranty Terms and Conditions apply to the item received by the buyer after repair/replacement.

8.    The buyer cannot claim a warranty:
a. if the buyer has given incorrect or insufficient information regarding the brand and type designation of the purchased item and/or the vehicle for which the part is intended;
b. if the buyer has done work, or has had work done, on the purchased item, including but not limited to repair, modification and dismantling;
c. in the event of faulty and/or incompetent installation/use of the purchased item or when using the vehicle in which the purchased item is installed for purposes other than those for which the vehicle is used in normal traffic (speed tests, reliability tests, excessive loading in connection with a combination of passenger car and trailer or caravan, etc.);
d. if the customer has acted in contravention of any other provision of the applicable General Terms and Conditions or Warranty Terms and Conditions, insofar as these are prescribed under penalty of forfeiture of rights.

9.    The buyer cannot derive any right from a warranty for compensation of any nature whatsoever, except insofar as De Ooyevaar is obliged to do so based on the applicable General Terms and Conditions.

10.    De Ooyevaar has the right to deviate from these Warranty Terms and Conditions if this has been expressly pointed out to the buyer before the conclusion of the purchase agreement and the deviating provisions have been laid down in writing between De Ooyevaar and the buyer.