Installation instructions

Mounting Instructions for Engines

•    Upon receipt, please check carefully that the delivered engine has not been damaged during transport.
•    Before installation, compare both motors.
•    Always fit a new timing belt.
•    Before mounting, please check V-belts/multi-ribbed belts, pressure group/clutches, seal rings, water pump, etc. and replace if necessary.
•    When mounting the flywheel, always tighten the bolts with “Loctite”.
•    Use the installation instructions, lubricants and maintenance intervals as indicated by the relevant manufacturer.
•    Replace any damaged attachment parts.
•    Before operating the engine: please replace the air, fuel and oil filters and the thermostat.
•    Mount new spark plugs.
•    Make sure that the cooling system is not clogged.
•    After installation, check that all hoses and filters are properly tightened and that they seal properly.
•    Next, check all fluid levels (water, oil) and top them up if necessary.
•    If possible, adjust the valve clearance.
•    Check that all sensors are functioning properly.
•    Make sure the radiator heats up evenly and that the cooling fan turns on.
•    Because our engines may have been stored in the warehouse for longer periods, we advise against running the engine at full capacity for the first 500 – 1000 km, but to run it in gently.
•    All our engines have been drained of fluids, cleaned and preserved for transport.
•    Attachments that are not part of the rotating part of the engine, such as the alternator, starter motor, distributor, flywheel, and the petrol, diesel and water pumps, are not covered by the warranty, unless otherwise agreed.
•    Should a problem arise despite all our cares, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please note! If the installation instructions mentioned above are not correctly or completely followed, all liability on the warranty shall be immediately voided!