Our Privacy Policy

We highly value your privacy. All personal information is treated with the highest care and in accordance with privacy legislation. On request you can view or edit the information that we have stored. All information is transferred via secured SSL pages.

What information do we collect?
When placing an order, we need information to process your order. To check and process your order, we use your name and address. We use your emailadress to confirm your order and keep you updated about the delivery process. If required, we use your phone number to finalize your order. We do not use your phone number for marketing purposes.

When visiting the website, we store traffic information such as pages visited. This information is not personal and is only used to improve the usability of the website.

How secure is my information?
Your information is secure. We do not sell your personal information to other parties. We store your information on secured servers. Only authorized personnel has access to your information and are obliged to confidentiality.

Edit personal information
You have the right to view, edit or delete your personal information from our systems. For questions regarding this topic please contact us via info@deooyevaar.nl