Installation Instructions Engines

  • Check the engine at delivery for damage caused by transport.
  • Assemble always new original timing belts and tensioners!!
  • Before assembly check the fan belt/multi strap, pressure group/clutch, barriers, water pump etc. and, if necessary, replace them.
  • Replace damaged attachments.
  • Oil filter, fuel filter and air filter replacement should be of original quality (supplied by OEM dealer).
  • Check and clean intercooler and associated tubes.
  • Remove injectors from diesel engines and check the working of these.
  • Replace sealign when mounting the injectors.
  • Check if cooling system isn’t constipated.
  • If possible, check for space around the valves and adjust them.
  • Check if all the sensors are working correct.
  • Note: the radiator will get hot evenly and the cooling fan will rotate.
  • It is possible that our engines have been in the store for a while, we advise to charge the engine not too much during the first 1000 km.
  • Attachments that doesn’t belong to the rotating part of the engine, like alternator, dynamo, fuel pump, water pump, turbo, atomizers, flywheel, are not covered by the warranty, unless there is a different agreement.
  • If there is a problem, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Installation instructions, lubricants and service instructions according to the manufacturer.
  • The engine needs to be built in by an competent car company.

Caution! If the above installation instructions are not followed correctly or not at all. Any and all liability under the warranty will be extinguished with immediate effect!